The Battle 
By Doppio (Tim and Brittany Cretella)

Endless waves of raw emotion ride me into dawn

Flood my senses' deep devotion, deflated but not yet gone 

The clarion calls, the first few golden rays reveal the misty morn

And all that kept sweet solitude beholds a new day born

The careless notes of the waking lark fall with gentle scorn upon your ears

And who's the lone rider, silhouetted by the rising sun

Yonder, on the distant horizon?

Now sleeps the lonely owl, now wakes the swan

The candle burning hope through the restless night now gone 

Now gone, now gone

And overhead, what proud eagle lights across the western sky?

Leads my heavy thoughts through the endless halls of time

A distant memory floats below the clouded, hazy sun

A dream unfulfilled escapes

The Battle, not yet begun. 


Gambler's Horizon
By Doppio (Tim and Brittany Cretella)

When the time was ripe for leaving I looked up at morning sky 

Said a prayer for her to keep believing, never was one too good at goodbyes

Then I called, I called out your name
But it swept away with the wind's lonely sigh
And lingered on
Until I gazed into those eyes
Said, "I'm a gambler now mama"

When I arrived alone at that steeple door, a stranger seeking shelter from the storm
I was told "Though this is a Holy house of God, it's full now you'll have to move on"
Then I called, I called out your name

And it swept away with the wind's lonely sigh
So I struck a match, went on my way
Oh can a gambler be saved mama?

Wake me up now, I'm still dreaming
How the world can shine and gleam just right 

When you're thinking' nothing's left to believe in I felt alive in your eyes 


The Golden Key
By Doppio (Tim and Brittany Cretella)

Time, don't wait for you Don't wait for me, What's more, I've grown tired Of feeling blue
Let's start anew Styles and trends Casual friends Here for awhile But gone in the end It's all a mystery to me To hold the Golden Key 

Life, can't press rewind
As for the ever-shortening line Don't ask the time
It's a game of men and mice Roll the dice
Be sure not to count your Blessings twice
It's all a mystery to me
To hold the Golden Key

And all along the blazing fire inside, growing bright The whipping wind outside, grows stronger with the night The omni-present eye keeps always out of sight The ever-blurring line, confuses wrong from right Love, may bring you 'round A better answer not to be found A brighter day What better than today And in your handEvery moment at your common It's all an endless sea to me

To hold the Golden Key 

Paradise Lost

By (Tim Cretella of DOPPIO)

There was a time I lived in days

Colored with life that danced in me and sung

Now the tune's up and the ride

Feels 'though it started before it begun

There was a time I held the key

And without answers, I was set free

The fruit of the vine, the harvest was mine

The golden brick road had come to unfold

The gate that was shut 

Was wide open, but

Can't the mind make a Heaven out of hell

And a hell out of Heaven